I'm sure peeps will tell me to elsewhere. But I'm having some trouble thinkingg of the simplest things.

My mum passed suddendly, like there and then not. I knew tht she wanted everything simple, we'd kind of joked about it 
as I would want the same. 
But I have had to move closer to my brother (not that that matters) and we only have 2 people family wise and a couple
of her friends.
I know I need to arrange some kind of send of/celebration however small. I will try to talk to my bro but he will be in 
tears. I have 1 or 2 thoughts but I wondered as I have no-one to talk to if anyone one had any ideas of what I could
do to invite her friends to.
I do not have a garden, I'm sleeping on somone's sofa.

I'll post in other places as well, just to depress you all. (Hopefully not lol)



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    I'm sorry for your loss. It can be very disorientating when someone passes, even if there was a reason to expect it. 

    I don't think it matter too much what you do when you get them to join you, the important thing is to get as them  together. For such a small number of people, you might find a pub with a quiet area that they might be prepared to reserve for your use for an hour. Don't worry about what you will do or say, you just need to get together to talk about your mum.

    If you have photos of your mum, you might see if you can get these enlarged slightly to share around at a get-together. I would suggest that if you don't have any photos of your mum, you talk to her friends to see if they have any photos. If they do, try to get a copy that you can keep, and get one for your brother.  
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    I'm sorry for your loss.

    My mother in law died last year following a short battle with Cancer, having become ill during the first lockdown and it being practically impossible to get her a face to face appt to try and  establish what was wrong.

    She died when restrictions were in place for funerals, which meant large numbers of her family and friends could only live stream the service and not attend. It was also the week that restrictions were changing re wakes and we were lucky that we were still able to hold a small one.

    Summer next year, my sister in law intends holding a 'family and friends' party to give her Mum the send off she should have had.

    You could put something off till a later date, or do a meet up somewhere like a park. 
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    What about a meal /afternoon tea at a local  eatery.
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