MSE Poll: Have your overall finances improved or worsened since the start of the pandemic?

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Poll started 20 July 2021

This week in England saw so-called 'Freedom Day' with virtually all restrictions being lifted, and similar lockdown easing is happening across other UK nations. So this feels the right time to test the pulse of your finances.

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  • ampersandampersand Forumite
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    'Substantially worse off' does not mean debt for me(OAP,  have never used credit in my life, good with money and healthy living), but does mean the running down of savings, with no realistic prospect of reinstatement so far, without strong tourist footfall in London antiques markets or travel to European events.

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  • JembassJembass Forumite
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    This really does appear to highlight just how unfairly Ltd Co directors have been treated.
    Whilst employees are generally better off, the people who employ them in Small Ltd Companies are significantly worse off.
    So what happens if those businesses fail?
  • RandomRainyRandomRainy Forumite
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    I feel lost with my finances at the moment.  During the pandemic I was getting 100% furlough, had a mortgage holiday, and fines were put on hold.  Then I got made redundant. Found 2 other jobs, that didn't work out, but was an income for the time being.  I've now been reemployed by my original employer, but a day a week less.  My fines are due to be reinstated shortly, Mortgage holiday is now finished and payments have gone up.  Council Tax is all over the place, it's fluctuating between a difference of £100 per month and I have no idea why!  Thank goodness for UC at the moment, but that will soon drop due to my earnings.
  • MalMonroeMalMonroe Forumite
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    I'm a pensioner and I'm really a lot better off simply because my social life has been dramatically curtailed - saving money on all those coffee mornings and afternoon teas  :'(  and as I'm doing online shopping there is no opportunity to just pop things in my shopping trolley as I go past, thinking "oh yes, I'll try one (or two) of those"!  

    I have had to resort to shopping for other items online too as have not been shopping out of the home but have been able to (suprisingly for me) limit that so I'm still in profit. 

    I do understand that others are not so fortunate but then again, the advantage for them is that they are not as old as me?
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