Mis sold solar panels

What happens when your solar panel providir is bought by another company.? They changed the terms and conditions without informing us and now we try not to use them as it costs us more money. Our initial contract was that we used as much solar energy as we needed and the surplus would go to the grid meaning we saved money on Bill's and they got the fee from selling to the grid and we paid 13 per month to pay for the panels. Now we can pay 85 pounds in one month.this is obviously not saving us money. Would be grateful for any help or advice thanks 


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    I alwasy though it was a ridiculous idea to not own them outright, causes problems like this and let's face it devalues the house if you were ever to sell.

    If it costs you (more than your elctricity provider charges for equivalent) to use them then disconnect them! Of course against your t&c's but hey don't tell them. Probably a shell company and unlikely to send anyone out, but if they do make if look like an accident ;-)
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