Majorca covid test question

Evening everyone 

booked a holiday for the missus and me to go to Majorca next Friday. Unfortunately due to work I was unable to get my second jab before the 14 days and had to go to the end so will be below the 14 days required. 

Now have the joy of getting a covid test done 48hrs before. Can someone please advise when I actually need to get one done? I am flying on Friday 16th July. 

Can someone clarify I have to have the actual test done 48hrs before or is it the results have to be within 48hrs of departure. Basically am I able to get the test done on Tuesday 13th with next day results service to allow for any delay or inconclusive test result. My only other potential concern is am I going to get the results on Wednesday morning before 11am when my flight lands in Majorca and this I will be outside the 48hrs window. 

Or is it just best to get it done on the Wednesday just to ensure I’m in the 48hr window? I mow have a funeral to go to so quite tied up for most of the day but if I have to get test sorted I will have to make time I guess 


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