Sainsburys Online Groceries, Prices rise after I book slot.

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Has anyone noticed prices change after you have booked your slot?

The Tetley Pure Green Tea x50 is on offer at £1.50.  I booked a slot for delivery next week and during the booked process the price magically went up to £2.15.

I log in into the site without booking a slot and the price drops back down to £1.50, basically if I want to buy it I have to pay more.  There are other items that are having the same glitches.  Offer price vanished after I book a slot.


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    Going by my experience on the Waitrose site, the prices you see when you first look will be what they are at the time.  When you book a slot the price shown will be that which will be active on the day of your delivery/collection. 

    It looks as if the Tetley offer won't still be on next week.  It works both ways though; there will be things showing higher prices now but could be on offer on the date of the chosen slot. 

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    I wonder if it is because the offer will have expired by the date of your chosen delivery? 
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    It’s normal, the offer will have ended by the time of your slot next week. 

    Also some things that are not on offer when you log in today may be on offer by your slot time next week. 

    No different than going into store today, the offers will be different than when you go in next week. 
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    Appreciate all the replies, so it looks like all the offer items I wanted will expire by the time I need my next shop.  Wish they just kept it simple like Tesco and actually listed when the offer prices end.
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    You need to click on the red  text as it is a hyperlink.

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    My experience of Sainsbury's offers is they tend to be cyclical. If an item is on offer this week, the item will likely be on offer again in 3 or 4 weeks time
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    I use Sainsburys online for their 25% off wine offers. It's always flagged up when you have to book the deliveries to take advantage of the offer. It's swings and roundabouts as (I assume) you'd get the lower price if you ordered something that was on offer (although you didn't know it at the time) next week IYSWIM. 🤔
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    At least Sainsburys has the decency to put when offers end. 

    Sainsburys offers are samey. For example - one promotional period - Walkers 6 packs are on offer. Then its the 12/24 packs and back to the 6 pack.
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