'The Gym' Membership - multi gym access

Is anyone a member of 'The Gym' gym here and have the 'Live It' membership for multigym access.

The gym near work is £15/month single gym and £20/month Live IT multigym access
The one near home is £25/month single gym and £20/month LiveIT multigym access.

Does anyone know if there are any checks on how often a member might use a particular Gym?
Im looking for any reason why I wouldn't join the one near work, add the one near home and pay £10/month less than doing it the other way round.

I would probably use the (more expensive) gym near home more often at the moment but wondering if im missing a trick - will they pull me up.

Any experiences?


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    I don't know about 'The Gym', but I am a member of Nuffield Health and they track your use so that you have to be a member of the gym that you use most frequently. 

    However, if you were to join the expensive gym near home then use the cheaper one near work, I doubt they'd say anything...

    If you were an existing member of the gym near work and only using the more expensive gym near home because of COVID, you may have a valid discussion and I think gyms in general are desperate for any income they can get.  Of course, that does not apply in your case.
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    Hi Ant55, did you ever work this out? I have the same question and can’t seem to find the answer anywhere. Does the ‘home gym’ automatically change if you use a different gym more often?
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