Insurance Broker - Worth it?

Hi guys and girls, first post on the forum as I am just looking for a second opinion on the matter(s) at hand. 

Me and a business partner have come into an investment opportunity in the form of a restaurant/takeaway as well as a 2 bedroom flat. The property is currently vacant and has a flat on top of the property which we are looking to renovate and rent out, but we are looking to rent/lease out the takeaway space as the area we're in is quite popular and is in our minds, prime for growth.

Question 1 is regarding insurance, as I am unsure of what type of insurance will cover both the domestic and commercial side of things? I know a little bit about the commercial side of things due to work, however, I'm not sure if there is a specific policy that can cover the entire building in terms of building insurance? 

Question 2 is whether or not using an insurance broker would be suitable for this sort of thing or whether or not it would be better to go with an insurer direct? I think having a "middle man" as it were could take some leg work out of trying to find a suitable policy but I'm not sure on how they work etc. I've taken a look at a few companies which seem like they can help in terms of finding a policy that's right for me but I'm just not sure and would love a second opinion if anyone has used a broker before. 

If anyone has any prior experience and has any advice on the above, please let me know! 

Thank you and appreciate your time! 
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