Lidl expansion in London - 237 areas listed

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Looks like Aldi and Lidl are getting into a store opening competition here. Aldi is family owned so they can suit themselves but I confess that I don't know whether that goes for Lidl too. 

If you live in any of the listed areas, what do you think ? Are there enough potential Lidl customers to support a store ? Where could they build one ? Are there several potential sites ? Any better for public transport than others ? 

Does it seem like Lidl is trying to go a bit upmarket  eg Bexley, Carshalton, Chelsea, Hampstead, Highgate, Notting Hill, Wimbledon ?

Lidl expansion: The 237 London areas the discount retailer is eyeing up for potential store openings | Evening Standard


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    Lidl already have a store (or two) in a number of the areas listed in that article.
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    It looks more like a shortlist of options rather than a full list of intended sites.   For example, there are already two large Lidls in Welling (rebuilt) and Bexleyheath (new) so that I can't see there being a need for all three of the new stores in Blackfen, Bexley and Crayford (which already has a very large Sainsburys and a large new Aldi).  

    There's a slight implication from the extent of the list (and some of the locations) that the intention might be for smaller, more local "walk-to" stores - "Lidl Express" - which might be an interesting idea.   If they go with the name "Every Lidl helps" or "Little Lidl", you saw it here first.

    I think Lidl now has a broad enough appeal to be present/successful in both upmarket and downmarket areas.

    They also have some old-style stores remaining, some of which are in obscure locations - for example the one in Footscray.   A larger, more prominent site in Sidcup High Street would clearly be preferable.  
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    There are very few Lidls in Zone 1-2. I moved out of London about 4 years ago, but even then the only one I can remember being relatively central was in Camden which I thought was a huge missed opportunity, especially for their baked goods. Times may have changed though.
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    Lidl have been trying to get planning permission to build a much bigger store (plus some housing) in Footscray but so far haven't been successful.  This is the closest Lidl to me but is quite small and often doesn't have the items I would like to buy, so I would love a bigger one there!  The next closest is Eltham but that gets really really busy, plus I can't nip into Tesco on the way home to pick up the bits Lidl doesn't sell

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