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Anyone else get comping-related anxiety?

Medic994Medic994 Forumite
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Bit personal, but I was wondering if I'm alone in feeling a lot of anxiety sometimes around comps - sometimes it's just nervous energy (in a mostly good way) when I think I know the answer to a comp question etc., but lately I have found I get quite worked up about making sure I enter everything relevant or making entry deadlines, and it's starting to feel a bit unhealthy!

Anyone feel similarly, or have any advice?

I'm 6 months in to my comping journey and don't want to wreck myself!
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  • Ms_DeeMs_Dee Forumite
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    Hi @Medic994,
    I am a pretty anxious person and comping is actually a way I unwind and feel like I am contributing to my life and time, as I am unable to work at the moment, my partner is the income earner, I don't claim benefits, so I contribute by looking after the animals, keeping the house tidy (when illness doesn't take over) and comping, as I can do it without using too much energy and when I'm sat down, with potential of winning us things. I've had a slow year this year, winning 17 prizes but they have only been worth £293.57 (Number doesn't include limited edition Team GB Print) no wins so far this month.

    If I don't comp much, that is when the comping anxiety starts.

    I've probably been comping for around 5 years now, the anxiety that comes from it is also around the people I usually communicate to when comping. I used to have a couple of groups of people, where we would have a laugh, share our experiences, wins etc. Getting to know each other, but it has recently widdled away a lot recently. The friendships I had around comping made it extra special. It is great to chat when comping and share your wins. The comping world is changing so much though.

    The whole experience of comping, winning and seeing friends and families faces when you gift them things you've won, that are perfect for them, but you wouldn't necessarily would have found makes up for it all though.

    I was the anxiety queen, so if you ever need to talk, feel free to send me a message and connect.
    If it becomes too much, take a break, go for a walk, talk to someone, try to clear your head. I think comping is addictive, so don't let it take control over you. x
    Thank you to everyone who posts competitions and good luck to everyone who enters.
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    Hi, I want to reassure you that you are very definitely not alone in this. Comping isn't like anything else I've known. I guess few compers would say they think of it as a job, but to serious compers, it's much more than a hobby. For those who have given up comping, it's usually a very difficult choice, because it 'gets into your blood'. It was like that for me for a long time. I have 'gone cold turkey' with comping a couple of times. But I always seem to come back, because it is so addictive.

    My suggestion, for what it's worth, is let yourself off the hook about it. I don't know how much of a problem it is for you re time and so on, but perhaps, try not to make it worse by worrying 'is it just me'. It isn't - and actually, would it really matter if it was? Perhaps try to trust yourself that you'll decide what's right for you, in your own time.

    If you want to cut down, do it. If you want to give up, do it. But if you want to keep going with it, then perhaps, just try to be kinder to yourself over it.

    And if it does get stressy - just post about it here. Oh, you did, didn't you. You clever thing :smile:

    Blu XXX
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    Hi Medlc,   Yes I used to get anxious at certain times.   I’ve started this hobby just over six years ago.    On the old forum I used to enter by end date that was fine until it came to the end of the month then it was a race to enter all the comps I wanted to and I’d feel anxious.  Over a year ago the forum changed.  I tried another comping site but didn’t like it.  In the end I decided to change to entering comps as they are posted.  This went against the grain as originally I had had a lot of wins with end date entry.   I spend a few days going through the whole site from how they are posted.  Now I keep up to date with new comps and each day go to the closing date and open and check I have entered what I want to for that day.   Now no stress for end of months and if I miss comping one day I know I have entered some.   If I miss a comp I would love to win I’m able not to stress and think there are plenty more to enter.  Plus I have had a few wins recently.    

    On old forum I used to occasionally post comps but started to find it stressful. Now it’s so difficult with the search I have not posted but hope one day when search is better to be able to contribute.

    My motto is dream of winning enter and forget. Good luck.
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