Boyfriend expects me to buy us a house

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I would like some advice. I’m selling my flat so that me and my partner can buy a house together. He said we would get a house that we can renovate because he is in the business of renovating houses. So I am selling my flat which is a lot of £ and he has a flat and isn’t selling anything maybe possibly contributing a few grand for the renovation that he would do himself. Am I being a b****? I’m so confused why isn’t he contributing to buying the house with me? He works I don’t know how much money he has he clearly isn’t that rich he has a son and other things and he has loans etc. He has never once thanked me for selling my expensive flat or even registered that I get an income from that flat. So I am selling my assets and giving up an income from people renting my flat. I would be so embarrassed if he bought us a flat! I would expect to contribute. The most he would spend to renovate is a few grand and even then he said he can use it from the sale of my flat? I get nothing. He said it’s like I am just switching flats. He said both our names would be on the new flat and I would have my name on his flat. But I’m the one fronting all the money and using my assets? I’m younger than him as well. Is this right or am I wrong to be slightly worried? I want a life with him and this would mean we have a same house we already most of the time live in his flat and I give him rent. I pay my way. I would be paying well over one hundred thousand pounds for a flat for us and he would probs contribute a few grand- if even for renovating the house. Is this fair? Is it weird that he’s not sat me down and said thank you and realised how much of a massive deal this is?!!! Or am I being a spoilt woman who had £ and is horrible for even thinking why hasn’t he thanked me. We want to spend a life together but I assumed it would at least be 50/50. Am I wrong to feel angry and I’m a bad person or what? I am just shocked that he thinks it’s normal and fine to not even mention the fact that I’m paying for everything he’s acting like it’s completely normal. I’m used to relationships being 50/50 i don’t expect a man to pay for everything although honestly it’s nice to treat each other I got us a meal the last time we went out and he gets me stuff too. Am I being weird? Is how he acting normal? Please help! 


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