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Company Car- Is it worth it?

in Cutting Tax
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Is a company car worth the Tax or not? Please tell me your advice 


  • Dazed_and_C0nfusedDazed_and_C0nfused Forumite
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    Maybe.  Or maybe not.

    Are you getting a cheap (list price) low emission vehicle or an expensive high emission vehicle?

    Huge variation in tax depending on the vehicle involved.

  • comeandgocomeandgo Forumite
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    I’ve had company cars and always looked at the complete picture.  What about fuel, are you getting all your fuel paid for or only business, or will you get a mileage rate?  
  • Grumpy_chapGrumpy_chap Forumite
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    If the OP does not have a company car, are they offered some alternative kind of remuneration?
    If the OP does not have a company car, what expenses will they incur to have a private car or alternative transport?
    How much mileage does the OP do in a year?  private?  business?
  • CookieMonsterCookieMonster Forumite
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    Depends on the car: some are high tax burdens.
    I've had 2 petrol hybrids specifically to reduce my tax, I've just ordered my next hybrid.
    Road fund licence, Insurance, servicing, wear and tear, tyres all covered by my company. Just add fuel.
    Worth it for me.
    I started out with nothing and I still got most of it left. Tom Waits
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