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Money Tips Email 9 June 2021

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edited 15 June at 11:26AM in The Weekly MSE Money Tips Email
The last piece of the gigantic jigsaw puzzle that is the latest Money Tips email has slotted into place, and the picture is complete.

As usual it's chock-full of MoneySaving news, deals, guides, tricks and more, so dive in when you can. In the meantime, we've plucked out five highlights you might like:

  1. Eight Boots tips and tricks
    Including how to get £43 of No7 cosmetics for £10ish
  2. Section 75 Refunds
    Did you know you can get free protection for credit card spending on items over £100?
  3. Best Sim only Deals 
    From '£3.50/month' for 1GB of data, 300 minutes and unlimited texts
  4. Father's Day deals round-up
    Including MSE's free printable cheques, free personalised postcard and extra 26% off at Buyagift

  5. Martin Lewis: "Fiscal threesome can make you £100s"
    The financial loopholes that get you MORE when you pay LESS

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