Anyone on here work in an opticians, after some help clearing up a prescription.

First time I’ve ordered prescription glasses online, usually do it through my opticians.

Anyway, I’ve ordered a pair of glasses & sent my prescription across.  Everything is correct, other than they’ve added +1.75 to my left lens for near/add which isn’t written in my prescription, it’s blank for both eyes.  Seems a strange accident so wanted to know if this is usual.  I have contacted them, but unfortunately it’s a U.K. front company but actually trading out of Germany, replies are very slow.

My prescription:

RIGHT Axis:180
RIGHT Near/Add:0.00
RIGHT Mono PD:32
LEFT SPH:-1.75
LEFT CYL:-2.00
LEFT Axis:172
****LEFT Near/Add:+1.75****
LEFT Mono PD:32

Does this sound right, I can see it’s to help with close up reading but just not sure if it’s standard or they’ve messed up somewhere.



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    To clarify is the +1.75 left eye add written on the prescription you have been given by the opticians or is this written on the order you've made. 
    If the glasses are single vision distance it makes no difference. 
    If they are for reading then an add should be given in both eyes (except in circumstances where one eye isn't functioning)
    If they are vari/bifocals then same as above. 

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