Absolutely First Class Service from Amazon

On Tuesday 25 May I ordered a pair of support insoles via an Amazon Market Seller with the order being fulfilled by Amazon. The insoles were delivered next day. On going for a walk with the new insoles in my hiking shoes I found they were extremely painful to wear and the design shoved my foot forward in the shoe. I put my shoes on next day and found it impossible to walk any distance as they were causing so much pain. I decided to return them and take advantage of the 'Risk Free Money Back Guarantee', carried out the return procedure and printed off a label. I selected the 'quicker' option to have the cost refunded to my Amazon Gift Card account.
About 1.45pm on 29 May I handed in the package to my local Hermes shop and received a bar code receipt. About 4.17pm that day I received an email from Amazon saying that my return was now in transit and that the refunded amount of £15.98 had been credited to my Gift Card account. I immediately checked my Amazon account and, sure enough, the money was already lodged in my account.
I have been a frequent Amazon customer for many years and have never had a problem of any kind but I have to say I was amazed at how quickly I was refunded. Well done, Amazon.


  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    I use Amazon a lot and have rarely encountered a problem.  On those rare occasions their customer service has been brilliant.  I didn’t receive something once, about £50 worth, and they refunded the money immediately, no questions asked.  
  • oscarwardoscarward Forumite
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    I second that, their customer service is superb.
  • liggerz87liggerz87 Forumite
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    I agree I bought a micro SD card 256gb can't remember how long I had it somehow it got corrupted I was able to save the contents on pc but on phone said corrupt got in touch with Amazon they offered a replacement a credit note or refund I picked replacement got qr code to scan sent it off got new as card the next day
  • merseymersey Forumite
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    Any problems have always been sorted ,customer service is brilliant.
  • theonlywayisuptheonlywayisup Forumite
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    I order a lot but return next to nothing and still find them exceptional.  We tip our drivers as they earn very little and do so much.  We live in a very remote location* - the sort that you'd think 'nah can't be bothered with that' - and the drivers are exceptional through the year.  

    * you cannot arrive by van.
  • pmdukpmduk Forumite
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    It's this level of customer service that's killing the high street. Not that the high street stores would admit it in a month of Sundays.
  • bobincharentebobincharente Forumite
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    Amazon's Customer Service is second to none. I had a mobile phone (A60 Pro) fail after a wireless update. It was only 13 months old. Blackview (the phone's maker) were not interested but Amazon refunded the full purchase price and all the postage. Well done Amazon.
  • cannugec5cannugec5 Forumite
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    I recently bought trousers from Amazon.
    They failed to show on the expected date, but Amazon proactively sent me a message acknowledging the delay, and requesting my patience. I had no problem with that. 

    A further week down the line - still no show. I checked on ‘my orders’ and there was a message asking me to wait the weekend and then if they’d still not arrived I could request a refund. Being generous I waited until Tuesday, and then ticked the box to request the refund. The money was back in my account the same day. 

    Next day the trousers were delivered! I went on live chat to Amazon to ask how I should now proceed to pay for these trousers for which I’d received a full refund. They told me I didn’t need to pay, and could keep them. They thanked me for letting them know they had eventually arrived :)

    one very happy Amazon customer!

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