Direct Debit FROM Credit Card to Pay Bills?

Hello everyone,
Was wondering if it's possible to set DD's up on a CC to pay bills and anything you would normally pay by DD. 
Thank you in advance for any helpful and informative answers and information. 


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    No. Some providers may offer a CPA, but that tends to be for fixed price services.
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    I used to pay my mobile phone bill and my ISP by CPA, but both companies removed the facility many years ago. 

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    DD - merchant pulls money from current account
    CPA - merchant pulls money from credit/debit/charge card
    Standing Order - account holder pushes money from current/savings account

    So you cannot ask a merchant to set up a DD against your card but you can ask if they do CPA - its certainly not for fixed amounts only as 60% of insurance renewals go through CPA - but its up to them if they want to support it or not. Note that companies that offer discounts for DD don't tend to replicate them to CPA

    The only thing you yourself can set up is a standing order and there is no equivalent in credit card terms
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