Tommy's Tax App - any good?

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Hi All
Just came across an app called Tommy's Tax who claims to be able to make tax refunds easy... haven't tried it myself yet but there appears to be hundreds of 5 star reviews .. can i ask if anyone here has used it and is it as good as it says and/or suggest if it is better to do it yourself?


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    They look awful, to be honest, I wouldn't touch them.
    You would have to pay a % of your refund over to them.  And you have to give them all the same details you would have to give to HMRC anyway.
    What are your circumstances that means you need a tax refund?  Are you in CIS?  Claiming it yourself may be easier than you think.  If it's really complex then hire a proper accountant.
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    Thanks for the reply - no specific circumstances - just trying to see if i am in a position where i can claim some tax back.. 
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    If you are due something back then you can just sort it with HMRC, no need to pay a third party a % just for putting a stamp on an envelope.
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    Average refund £3000. ‘Our fees are added to your expenses’. Personally I would avoid!

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    According to companies house, "Tommys Tax Ltd" does not exist and the company number they give actually relates to "My Tax Back Ltd". 

    Furthermore, a lot of errors on their website. Such as saying you'll need to fill out a p87 if you're claiming more than £2500 in mileage. P87 can only be used for claims UNDER £2500. Over £2500 requires a self assessment return. 

    They also refer to it as an allowance and AMAP. Except those only apply when you're being paid by an employer. When you're claiming from HMRC it's mileage allowance releif (MAR). 

    They also imply you can avoid penalties and fines by using them to make the claim. If they get it wrong, you'll still be the one who receives the penalties because you've authorised them to act on your behalf. They also (strangely) say "mileage allowance" is taxable after the first 10k miles. 

    They imply you can claim uniform allowance if you have a tie that you wear to work. They state healthcare workers can often claim approximately £185 - except the £185 is only allowable for a minority of NHS workers (such as ambulance staff) and isn't available to most of them. They also state NHS workers can claim for shoes and tights - this only applies to nurses. They also state only if you have to wear a prescribed style or colour (such as black shoes). And that the "uniform tax code" is 1006L. 

    Worringly, they state things like:
     The government won’t just give you a tax rebate for uniforms. Even though you deserve one. They discourage uniform rebates by making it hard to know what to do
    If it sounds complicated, that’s because the government doesn’t really want you to know how to get your money back

    Which is absolutely ridiculous to even suggest. If they didn't want you getting the money back for it, they wouldn't have bloody allowed relief for it in the first place! 
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    ‘Claim a tax refund even if your Employed.’

    The spelling does not inspire great confidence.

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    Knowing the sort of issues a thread like this can cause, I suggest a moderator reviews it.
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    I'd be wary, particularly if you are told to sign a Deed of Assignment - then run for the hills! 
    Whilst not all companies are bad, they are often obtaining refunds for you that a quick letter to the tax office yourself will sort. 
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    Tommys tax aren’t even qualified accountants, just had a look. Run like the plague, it’s easy enough to do yourself. Just ring the tax office up
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