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Project Solar



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    There are a number of warning flags re PS. The salesmen are self-employed.I checked on PS at Companies House and found them to be one of a nest of small companies with many resignations from company directors. Small companies are fine but ones with multiple resignations from directors raise my suspicions.
    I have tried to find out more about who manufactures Evolution UltraMax panels which PS use  without any success. Without that information product warantees have little value.
    I find their claim to be responsible for 70% of domestic panel installations incredible, particularly when you look at the company's reported turnover (which dropped very significantly between the financial year ending March 2019 and that ending March 2020 -- largely pre-covid)
    The problem with product reviews from customers is that they are only reviewing their experience of the installation and first few months thereafter. For a product that is supposed to last many years you need more.
    Maybe I do them an injustice. However note that Social Energy that their salespeople promote is also one of the same nest of companies with much the same directors. As far as I can tell Social Energy is offering a too good to be true rate (20p per KWh) for the first 1000 KWh annual excess electricity that you export to them and also relies on your batteries for storage at times when wholesale prices are low.
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    I have also found that a family member has signed up with Project Solar UK. The 14 days has passed (now 20 days) 
    2 questions (at least) Is there any way out?
    their justification was that after contacting several suppliers this was the only respondent - how to find a decent company to work with?
    possibly more queries to follow…..can anyone help please?
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    Have they paid a deposit and was it on a credit card if so? What does it say in what they signed about termination? Whereabouts is the proposed installation? I found my local installer through personal recommendations in the end but that was after a lot of unanswered enquiries/ridiculous quotes from bigger companies.
    4.44kW SW Facing in-roof array (12 x 370W JA Solar) with 3.6kW Givenergy Gen 2 Hybrid inverter and 9.5kW Givenergy battery
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    Hiya. Google 'MSE + Project Solar'

    Should find a million and one red flags.
    Mart. Cardiff. 5.58 kWp PV systems (3.58 ESE & 2.0 WNW)

    For general PV advice please see the PV FAQ thread on the Green & Ethical Board.
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