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Diabetic Lancing Pen Recommendations

The lancing pen that mum is currently using is a Mylife Softlance but it doesn't seem to penetrate the skin enough to draw blood, even on the maximum depth setting; I don't if it's the length of the needles or mum's skin is causing the issues but she finds it difficult to draw blood.
(I personally wouldn't mind buying the needles if needs be but she gets the ones for her current pen on prescription so I know that would be her preferred option - and mine if saves an argument!)
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  • luvchocolateluvchocolate Forumite
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    Try looking on Diabetic UK..they have a brilliant forum for advice 
  • deejaybeedeejaybee Forumite
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    +1 for Diabetes UK.
    My lancing pen has a dial which you can turn up or down for greater/lesser skin penetration -i have mine set to 6 - it came supplied with my glucose monitor...
    I would ideally prefer a Freestyle Libre, but they will not supply one for me,which is a bit of a sore point after being mis-diagnosed as T2, when i was in fact a T1........
  • MrsStepfordMrsStepford Forumite
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    Your mother is really lucky, I don't get lancing pen or strips anymore as Type 2 not Type 1. I found the drawback was that you couldn't tell whether the needle was a fresh one or not. Unistik disposable lancets are easier. They come in different needle sizes. 
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  • pmdukpmduk Forumite
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    i use the accu-chek lancing device, it's pretty painless, and I'm able to use it at a very moderate depth.
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