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Started 04/05/2021 
Welcome to my thread.
Me & my husband are currently looking to buy a house that we can create a loving home full of laughter and memories
and so we do not have a mortgage just yet. But we are 'so close' to having one. 

I will be posting updates about us but do feel free to join in a conversation or two! 
Also any tips regarding Mortgages, moving out etc are most welcome! 
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    Current Progress
    • Found a house we liked & booked viewing
    • Arranged a call for 05/05/2021 with a different mortgage advisor to clear up if we should have a MIP/AIP NOW or when we wish to make an offer as our mortgage advisor told us to get it when we wish to make an offer so we are confused 
    • Got most bank statements up together though hubs is having trouble with getting his savings account statements
    • I've now caused us to fall behind in our MIA Plan as I need to change my name on my;
      - Lloyds card, Natwest card (wrote C.L.King not my full name 
      - My passport & driving license are in my maiden name 
      So we will have to talk to mortgage advisor tomorrow.
    • I am having an interview for a different role of the same company but a different group for more money on thusday so hopefully that will go well
    • Saving money by planning cheaper meals and to use what we have at home 
    • Swapped super market and made a £4 odds-is savings ontop of me getting club card points
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  • UnconventionallyMe

    • 2 viewings today but have ruled both houses out. 
      First house was way too small for us to have a family. 
      Second house had a lot of features we didn't like & needed a lot of work to get it to a home where we are fully content & happy.
    • Spoke with mortgage broker on Wednesday , who told us it would be better to have a MIP now rather than later and today we received our Mortgage In Principle
    • We found that we really loved one area, thought another area was too far south & the area where we saw our first house viewing was a complete no go 
    • Found £96 in change & notes in out piggy so going to put the in the bank
    • Whilst at the bank , I will be changing my name to Mrs *** King
    • Need to pick up a driving license change form from the post office 
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  • UnconventionallyMe
    • Went down town & changed my name with Lloyds
    • I deposited the coins & notes, totalling to £99.20
    • We sorted our storage cupboard and found lots of items to sell 
    • I decluttered under my desk & found more stuff to sell 
    • I moved the £99.20 and some money from food shopping into savings account to boost it by £200 more 

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  • UnconventionallyMe
    • Saw 2 properties, didn't like the house we thought we were going to put an offer on, but did put an offer on one of them
    • Sold 1 item for £3, so put that towards savings & moved £7 in to bump up to another £10
    • Did some house hold tasks - cleaned mouldy window at last!! 

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