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Specsavers - high prices, and is there any real difference between the different varifocal options?



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     I have serious reservations about the quality of these supposedly different lenses. I have had  my  second pair of varifocals from Specsavers for a few weeks and I'm not at all happy. My previous pair which were either Elite or Premium (can't recall exactly) seemed to me to still have a very narrow range of clarity and most of the middle/lower section was blurry. I questioned this at the time as you do pay a lot more for the supposed upgrade. At that time, they fiddled with them a bit to make them sit differently and told me they should be fine. I accepted this and thought this must just be part of the varifocal experience, although I did wonder how bad the standard lens must be! I got used to living with the blur. This time around although the salesman indicated that I would have one of the mid-range as on my previous specs, I later realised I had been charged for the top of the range Tailor made, which is quite a lot more. They're awful! Just as blurry as my previous ones, the focussed part is about a finger tips width in the middle and they are dreadful for laptop use. How on earth can they justify selling me these 'tailor made' lenses for £159 extra? I went back again and have been offered a different lens. Apparently the one I have now is called the 'Definition' , but there is an alternative. I have such a strong feeling that they are telling me any old thing to try to fob me off and haven't addressed the blurry issue at all. I feel like they don't really care, I guess I have one of the dud branches!. I might try this new lens and see if it helps, but I think this will probably be my last pair of Specsaver glasses!!
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    I  have varifocals from Specavers. 
    I was shown examples of each grade of lenses showing the clear area and the blurred area at the  edges.
    The higher grade ones had clearer vision at the  edges.
    I chose the second top ones as there was very little difference between them and the top grade.
    I have no blurry bit on the middle and use them for a laptop with no problem.
    if you bought them recently they will refund if you are not satisfied.
    A friend was not happy with  her ones and took them back. 
    They refunded her and she went to Boots for new ones.

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    I got may last pair of vari from
    £50 including photochomatic as a rimless full coatings, plenty of discount codes to get down to that price.

    They work but not as good as my £150 pair from the now defunct optical4less which were fantastic.

    Clearly a cheaper lens option, the lower close work region is limited.
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