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Didn't get survey, now house falling apart!! Advice welcomed



  • youth_leader
    youth_leader Posts: 2,430
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    Great, you could upload your photos here too.  Good luck.
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  • m0bov
    m0bov Posts: 2,509
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    Needs pics before we can help.
  • Pics added
  • ProDave
    ProDave Posts: 3,626
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    Is the wall only bowing on the outside?  Or is it bowing on the inside as well? (look for joints opening up or cracks in the corner of rooms or at the ceiling or floor joint)

    If it is only the outside bowing, it is likely to be failed wall ties rather than subsidence and repairable.
  • Thanks ProDave.
    Its just on the outside
  • FreeBear
    FreeBear Posts: 14,267
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    ProDave said: f it is only the outside bowing, it is likely to be failed wall ties rather than subsidence and repairable.
    I'm kinda thinking the same - Not a hugely expensive repair although I wouldn't like to put a number on it.
    The bricks at ground level just need repointing after the gravel has been dug out. A time consuming job, but again, it isn't going to cost a fortune.
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  • edgex
    edgex Posts: 4,177
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    If the blue bricks are where the DPC is, looks high, unless ground level that side is lower than the rest.

    Whatever was attached to the front (?) has left a mess, pity that newer brickwork wasn't tied-in on the same line.
  • Apodemus
    Apodemus Posts: 3,384
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    What's going on with that area of concrete on the bottom right of the pic?  Is that solid, or has it been applied as a render over the bricks? 

    I would get a proper structural survey done - someone RICS registered.  If you get a builder to comment, you will be on a fast-track to a lot of work which may or may not be needed.
  • stuart45
    stuart45 Posts: 3,827
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    edited 30 April 2021 at 1:25PM
    Is that a porch on the front? Bulging outer skins on cavity walls are often missing, incorrectly installed or failed ties, although it's less common for the corner to be out. I have worked on jobs were the corner was up about 10 courses and well out of plumb built by a chancer sent down the road and the foreman just said carry on, just plumb up again from the top. You did used to see new walls a bit like that.
    They were not top tradesmen on that wall, the bonding is well out.
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