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Just purchased some split tickets for long rail journey.  There are about 6.  It’s in 3 weeks time.  Any idea what happens if they change train times after 15 may covid rules change?


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    You can cancel for a full refund or you can travel on the next available service and if you are late as a result claim delay repay.

    Both of the above are potentially far easier to do if you have booked through a train operating company and not a booking agent, split ticket site etc.
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    Booked through raileasy, so presume that is a booking agent.
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    Seek advice on a dedicated rail fare advice forum if this happens; people will be able to provide bespoke advice. Indeed this happened today for a journey from Shrewsbury to Helensburgh

    Raileasy, Traintickets.com and Raileurope use a journey planner data provider called Atomised who do not update the timetable as regularly as other providers, which can be problematic.

    I buy my split tickets through Trainsplit who use a different provider, who updates their data regularly, meaning I can be confident that the journey is definitely valid at the time I book it. If the times subsequently change, the liability is with the relevant train company.

    The itinerary provided with the ticket(s) is evidence of your contractual right to travel.

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