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Hello all,

I have a bit of complicated (to me anyway!) issue in regards to my student loan repayment. Essentially, despite paying out of my salary there was an adjustment by HMRC midway through the year (2019 - statement only came through in September last year) and that adjustment meant that over 2K of the repayments which I had paid via salary had not actually been paid and was therefore added back on to the balance I still owe, despite paying it through my salary.

I have payslips that show the money being deducted, so it seems as if the money has got lost somewhere between the payroll company/HMRC/Student Loans Company.

I've got nowhere with SLC because they were told by HMRC that the adjustment was right. I can't get through to HMRC. And my ex-employer obviously doesn't directly divy the contributions, and had changed payroll companies mid way through 2019. Which makes me suspect that when payroll companies were switched there was some sort of mistake or something because I can't explain it otherwise...?

I'm considering legal advice, but wondered if anyone might shed some light, advice on where to try next, or have seen anything similar in the past?

Many thanks!


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    What does your P60 say? Does it match the payslips?

    You need to try harder to get through to HMRC. There is the phone, and there is also writing to them, webchat, tweeting etc. You need them to confirm the student loan payment they've received in writing. You can then take it up with the employer or the SLC depending on which disagrees with what HMRC say they have received. 
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    Do you have a full history of payments from SLC? So that you can be 100% sure that your payments weren't added?

    I ask because I fear I may be in the same boat as you with some PAYE payments not being registered. I recently phoned SLC and requested this payment history info as it's not available online.

    I am currently waiting for SLC to post it to me (yes, in 2021 SLC can only mail you this info in writing).

    I wonder how many other people this issue may have affected? With no transparency over your transaction history available online, how do you really know if your payments are bringing down the loan balance?
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