Question on 10 year old debt

Hi all,

Just a quick question i had a mental breakdown in 2010 and disappeared going totally off grid leaving everything i owned behind , i stopped paying numerous loans , bills and credit cards.  I lived often with no fixed oboe hundreds of miles from my home and never returned.  Over the last 5 years or so I got help and got back on my feet but due to my nomatic lifestyle coupled with no job no bank account and practically nothing i never had a single letter call or anything.  Now i know these debts are all over 6 years old but is it possible that within that 6 years court action was taken against me and a judgement made in my absence ?

My credit file is currently shows nothing ?

I cant understand why some ppl I read on here are being chased for 10 years plus but i have had nothing of any note, i think i did get one letter 6 months or so back but it was very vague and felt like just a fishing exercise.


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    Court action is possible, but unlikely. Only around one in ten debts go through a court and, if they knew your case was a no-hoper, it would be throwing good money after bad.

    Look after yourself and get on with your life. If anyone writes, reply with a statute barred letter.
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