Are the Amazon / drop-shipping business schemes scammy?

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Every time you watch a youtube video, there's yet another new person flogging apparently the same ideal of a business you can run on your laptop while travelling the world etc.  Most seem to be Amazon drop-shipping type deals.  

The people all seem to be pitching the same thing in the same terms using the same model of free onboarding lectures, then a book or course.  

Is there a genuine opportunity do you think, or is it all some sort of pyramid scheme?


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    If their magical selling business was so successful why would they be giving the secrets away to everyone else?!

    They make most of their money selling their ‘courses’ to gullible individuals.

    I’ve sold on Amazon for years (not drop shipping) and it’s not as easy as some people make out.  As well as competition from other sellers (and sometimes Amazon themselves), dealing with Amazon and their forever changing crazy rules is a nightmare.

    A friend of mine who had sold on Amazon from its early days wound up his business recently and he said the best thing about that was never having to deal with Amazon again!
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    There's no profit in dropshipping these days, 100,000's of people selling the same thing at the same slim profit margins
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    Thanks, looks like that idea can safely be consigned to the bin, then
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