Penalty fare letters despite paying fine

My daughter was issued a fine a few weeks ago after being unable to buy a ticket in London after a night shift. 
When she arrived at her destination, she approached the staff at the station and told them she had been unable to get a ticket and wanted to buy one. This had haopened on a couple of previous occasions with no issue. 

They refused and issued her with a fine which she paid on the spot and they gave her a receipt.  
Ten days later she received a payment overdue notice by post. On the back it states that if you have recently paid, then you can ignore the letter. 
Today, about 3 weeks on, she has received a further letter, with an increased amount due. 

There is only a phone number to actually pay the fine. 

It is Govia Thameslink. If anyone know the best approach, then please let me know. 


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    How did she pay? Cash? Credit/Debit Card?

    Did they issue a receipt?
  • As I said above, they did issue a receipt.  She paid by debit card.
  • MalMonroe
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    Has your daughter even been charged a fee properly? It says on the car park website "Pay up to 24 hours later after you first arrived with LatePay, available at all ANPR station car parks. Find out more on the APCOA Connect website"

    If I were her I would try to challenge the charge, although I understand that she has paid.

    There is this information :

    But also lots of other information on their website. 

    Good luck! 
    Please note - taken from the Forum Rules and amended for my own personal use (with thanks) : It is up to you to investigate, check, double-check and check yet again before you make any decisions or take any action based on any information you glean from any of my posts. Although I do carry out careful research before posting and never intend to mislead or supply out-of-date or incorrect information, please do not rely 100% on what you are reading. Verify everything in order to protect yourself as you are responsible for any action you consequently take.
  • Sorry. Reading back my OP I perhaps wasn't clear enough. This was a penalty for not having the train ticket. 
    She had finished a night shift and the ticket office at the station she started at wasn't yet open. The machine was not working properly (I'm not sure of the specifics). 
    So when she got to her destination, she approached them and told them she needed to get a ticket. 
    She could have just walked through the gates as they were open and others were walking through, but she is honest and went to buy the ticket. 
  • KeithP
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    You will get good advice on the RailUK forum.

    Here is a link to their Fares Disputes board:
  • Thank you KeithP. I really appreciate it. 
  • FaceHead
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    Agree with Keith that there are better places on the web than MSE to get help on this matter. I'm surprised that the person manning the gate line was authorised to issue penalty fares, or perhaps your daughter was super unlucky to run into revenue protection at the end of her journey.

    If she was genuinely' 'unable' to buy a ticket she shouldn't have paid the penalty fare and or/should appeal it. Why was she 'unable' to buy a ticket?

    If she wants to just put the matter behind her there are a few options:
    1. Ignore all letters. GTL will probably take her to court (for criminal fare evasion, don't miss that summons!) and she can go to court with the receipt. High risk so not recommended, but should pan out ok. 
    2. Ring them up on a generic customer service line, and there's a slight chance she might talk to someone competent who just smooths it over. 
    3. Write back to GTL, enclose a copy of the receipt. 
  • Just a wee update.
    We wrote to Govia Thameslink and eventually they wrote back to say there was nothing they could do and to write to the penalty services people, which we duly did.
    On Saturday we received a letter back from them saying it was nothing to do with them and was now in the hands of the prosecution section and to write to them.
    We have now written to them and are awaiting a reply.
    Going around in circles. We keep getting in yhe replies that we didn't appeal in time. They all seem to be ignoring the bit about us not appealing as the fine was paid on the day it was issued.
    We have put some detail in the letters about why the ticket wasn't purchased in the first place, but as advised, didn't want to get bogged down in that for now, and just want them to halt this procedure towarda prosecution.
  • Success! 
    Got an email from the correct people in the end apologising for the threats of prosecution as they could see clearly that the fine had been paid on the day. They said they will ensure that there is no further action and will follow it up with a letter for our records. 
    Many, many thanks KeithP for putting me on to the rail forum. Very useful resource. 
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