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So after a lot of thought I have decided to start a cleaning business, residential and also interested in end of tenancy cleans. Have you got any tips on going forward, how do I find end of tenancy cleans? 
I have a van so can have own equipment if needed.


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    Facebook seems to get posts about end of tenancy cleans.
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    Holiday homes and airbnb. In my area there are lots of these that need cleaners! Have a google of holiday homes and airbnb in your area and contact them to ask if they need a cleaner?
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    You might increase your income further if you are also able to offer small repairs as part of a clean. 
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    You could try advertising in your area on Gumtree. As richardw suggests, Facebook is another idea. Could you set up your own webpage? I usually use Google when I want to find anything (mostly not during coronavirus though) - plumbers, hairdressers, car mechanics, etc. Doesn't cost much to set up a page. 

    I wouldn't advise offering any repairs though, small or otherwise, if I were you. That way crazy lies and it'd up your insurance no end. You will be getting insurance, won't you? 

    Good luck! Remember your face coverings. . .
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    I'm not going to sell short to you. The only thing that prevents you, with employees and lots of profit, from creating a successful business is to decide to do it. I think it's a great way to start cleaning yourself. Perhaps you can do this for a while on weekends and mornings if you still work the day, to get a sense of the market and how much you can do per hour. After you quit your workday, save your extra income to help bridge the gap. Continue to study all the time. Read some business books, journals and so on and raise awareness. In five years, where do you want to be? Do you own a successful 10-member company with $500K in revenue per year?
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