Notice of enforcement.

Hello i do hope that you are all doing good, well i am not.

I am first time of here so if i do break any rules let me know.

As from last week of wed, i got notice of enforcement. Which issued on 6th april 2021. 
Which it say i need to pay all my debt by 16:00 19th april 2021, which i can do. 

I just need time till on 19th, so it won't problem at all. 

But my questions is on the letter it saying if i don't pay by the time and date, the officer will come and seize my goods, which is saying its called "take action"

So is this mean the bailiff is not going to come to my house before 19th? 

As i don't want to deal with them and plus i don't want to get increased my fee. 

I tried to call to agency but they were not able to get called. (Last week i tried more then 40 times to call them.) I will try to call them today too, but i want clue.

Its from ccj, and high court writ.

Thank you in advance.


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    You have seven days notice of a bailiff visit.

    If they do turn up, the basic rule is not to allow them access.

    As you can pay  this in  one lump ahead of this date there shouldn't be a problem.

    What sort of debt was this that went through a ccj and High Court?
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