Shoes for Icy Steep Drive?

Hi all 

We've had a bit of frost recently and our steep drive was treacherous. We put some grit down but it was still ropey in places. Could anyone suggest a shore/boot that might help? I know you can get metal spikes that attach to shoes but I have no idea about how safe or effective they are. 



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    We have a long steep drive and also live on the side of a very steep hill, I bought us [email protected] trax type shoe covers from the river company, really convenient as they stretch fit over your existing foot wear and easily removed when you get indoors/onto dry flat ground. I also find wellington boots work well.
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    The pull-on straps with metal studs are quite helpful for icy slopes, but a bit of a chore to take on and off.  MuckBoots 'arctic' range have Vibram soles made for icy surfaces.  Pretty good in my experience, though haven't tried them on steep slopes yet.
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    Are you able to put any grippy matting of some sort down? Or grippy matting that will keep the grit/salt in place?

    Winter Trax are good but they say not to use on bare ground, so I've always been a bit dubious with just frost (rather than ice or snow).  I would imagine similar products should have directions for use, so if they say they're okay on bare ground - or even frost specifically - if they're a reputable brand they should be okay.  I would be wary of overpriced ones in the random mail order catalogues that come in the paper or junk mail though, and I include companies like Coopers in that.
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    The best thing I’ve found is WoofWear muckers. You might see them called ‘Yard boots’. They give far better grip on frost than my Anatom boots which have a fancy vibram sole and are significantly cheaper. I think the key is the soft (cheap!) rubber sole. This is obviously just for frost. There’s no boot that will grip ice. You need the spikes/studs for that, although I have one set that just straps round the ball of my foot and are very easy to put on/remove on almost any type of footwear. They also have replaceable studs. 
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