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Accident Claim assistance

edited 8 April at 6:37AM in Insurance & Life Assurance
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edited 8 April at 6:37AM in Insurance & Life Assurance
Whilst driving last week, my wife was hit by a mobile home coming in the opposite direction. 

Although my wife was able to stop safely before being hit, the other vehicle managed to go all down the side of my car and the stopped 30 yards further down the road. 

When my wife asked the other driver for his details, he responded by saying “we’ll let the insurance work it out” and got back in his vehicle and drove off. My wife, understandably, didn’t pursue an answer as our young child was in the car asleep. She felt very intimidated. 

We’ve reported the accident online to the local police but unsure where to go now. I know the stretch of road where this happened and far too often people coming down the hill on a narrow road are driving too quickly. 

I’ve been told that because there were no dashcams or witnesses it will be very much a “she said, he said” stalemate. Is there anything we can pursue in relation to the other driver’s refusal to provide details for insurance purposes?

If not, what’s the next course of action? Do I have to go via my insurer to get the car fixed or can I get the quote from the insurer and pay for it directly myself? 

Sorry for the questions - never been involved in an accident (or admin of one) where the other person has refused to cooperate. 

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    You don't have to make a claim if you don't want to, but you will find that you have tell your insurers if the car is involved in an accident. 

    If your policy includes legal expenses cover, call the legal help line and see what they can suggest. 

    In theory, the police should trace the driver via the vehicle and prosecute them for failing to give your wife their details. I would push the police to do this, and make a formal complaint if they won't. The police should pass the drivers details onto you.

    Although there is an element of He said/She said here, your wife was stationary, and the other vehicle was not. Neither party can prove this though, so I do see that it might be easy for the other party to lie, but there is a small chance they they may feel some remorse. If the driver was intimidating and driving a motor home, they are probably uninsured, so it may come to nothing, but I would recommend not giving in too easily. 
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