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Car insurance - which company do you recommend?

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Car insurance - which company do you recommend?

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Hi there 

I am renewing my insurance with my husband who is a learner driver (held the provisional for a long time and only getting round to doing the test) We are getting quotes from places like 1st central which seems ridiculously cheap so I dont plan on going with them.

We have more moderate quotes from the likes of rac, post office, coop, privilege and churchill.  Does anyone have any advice on who has the best reputation? 

Many thanks! 


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    pinkteapotpinkteapot Forumite
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    Two recommendations:

    I used Admiral for several years and when I had a claim they were excellent - handled really quickly and car sent to a very good quality repairer. 

    I've switched to QuoteMeHappy because my mum was with them and had a referral code so we each got a £50 Amazon voucher. I (and mum) like them because everything's online - you manage your policy there if you need to make changes, log claims online, etc. Underwritten by Aviva who have a good reputation. Mum has had a claim and again found them very good. Won't suit if you prefer to speak to someone though. 

    Downside of Admiral is, like most others these days, they'll send you a renewal price that's significantly more than you paid last year. You get just one other cheaper quote, phone them, and the instantly drop the price back down. It's just annoying you have to do that. I've not yet renewed with QuoteMeHappy but mum has and said her price was actually less than the previous year! She suspects they don't want the hassle of customers calling them to renegotiate so don't bother with that runaround. 

    I don't know what either of these are like for learner drivers (price-wise) as my policy just has by husband and I and we've both had our licences for several years now. 

    I'd look for reviews of what companies are like if/when you have a claim. If it happens, you don't want it to be a hassle. 
  • mgfvvcmgfvvc Forumite
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    The big gotcha with the Admiral group is that, if you aren't 100% careful about drinking and you are found to be over the limit after an accident they will come after you for their costs. Obviously you shouldn't be drinking and driving but definitely one to be aware of if you might have a drink with a meal out and drive after.
  • md258md258 Forumite
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    I have had a policy with 1st Central and can't really fault them, although I had no reason to contact them. In my opinion it was worth taking the risk that if I crashed they may (not necessarily will) be harder to deal with than other companies as I valued the cheaper price and felt that I was unlikely to crash.

    Bear in mind that most people take out a policy and don't make any further contact with the company or leave a review so most of the reviews will be negative.

    If you are really worried about reputation, a broker like A-plan should be able to guide you.
  • pallymanpallyman Forumite
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    used Direct Line and Churchill a lot.
  • flashg67flashg67 Forumite
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    +1 for Quote me happy if you're ok with online (there is an option to email and they reply pretty quickly). Easy to change details like car details, address etc online if needed. I too have found their renewal quotes competitive, but of course they may not be best price for you!
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