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There are numerous (closed) threads on this site relating to this "ultra-cheap specs" site... if you don't want to search through these, then in summary the above domain name was registered by an anonymous individual living in a terraced street in Swindon (123 Reg Limited, the domain registrar, wrongly accepted the nickname "Skybeans" as a real name, contrary to Nominet rules!) who was making cash from being an affiliate of American Eye Vision Inc., a US company whose (real) Web site was cloned by the anonymous individual, who - being anonymous - was avoiding the risk of anyone trying to enforce their legal rights.   The US company is, of course, outside the jusrisdiction of any UK Court.
I'm posting this because the registrant of the site has changed, to a company that is registered with Companies House in England and therefore IS within the jurisdiction of the UK Courts if you need to make a legal claim in respect of your UK consumer rights.  The Web site still doesn't comply with UK consumer protection law [specifically, Part 6 of of The Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business (Names and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2015... failure to comply with the requirements of Part 6 is a criminal offence under Regulation 28, committed by the company and by each of the directors in default] and the address listed on the Web site is an accommodation address, but at least you can now serve the registrant with the Notice of Claim as a joint defendant to the anonymous trader behind the site: World Eye Vision Limited (company number 11689155), registered office: 114 High Street, Cranfield, Bedford, England, MK43 0DG.  A District Judge is likely, in the circumstances, to regard World Eye Vision Limited as being the trader behind the site.
There are no company assets at the above address, of course, but Companies House also gives details of the sole director: Farukh Khan, Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX.  And, in the most extreme cases, you can send bailiffs to either address to enforce a judgment debt in the County Court... if I'm able to obtain any details of a company bank account, I'll post them here, too, which would enable a successful litigant to obtain a "third party charging Order" - used to be known as a "garnishee Order" - to seize the amount of a judgement debt.

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