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Winkhaus AV3 auto slam on external door

I want to get an external door with a long vertical bar handle. I hadn't thought of this before but without a typical handle that you pull up to engage the multi point locking (MPL) system, you need a lock that can engage the MPL via something other than the handle. I know this can be achieved by a special lock that requires multiple turns of the key to engage the MPL but I'm not keen on this, a lot of faff and I read that the key turning can be stiffer than a normal door.

The other system I've read about is auto slam system. The one I read about is the one created by Winkhaus. They have an older system AV2 but I really like their AV3 system that uses magnetic triggers. This also gives the option of sliding a switch to prevent the door from locking if you need to close the door without it locking.

The cost of this seems quite expensive but I just wanted to see if there were any other reasonable options? I'm not interested in any digital/electronic locks, so only old school mechanical things for me :-)

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