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Sorry I might be vague on some parts you just never know who's snooping. Basically I got emailed out of the blue  about 3 years back from an unsaid company (I'm sure you have an idea) I had 3 Student loans 97.98.99. (Scottish)

Now at first I didn't pay attention to it.(as I thought it was some spam company) Then I got a few more I then made the mistake of emailing with a signed letter (although no acknowledgement of the debt was given). 

One of these messages I received was a settlement offer (which has now been deleted off my  file and no other has ever been offered) Then a short while latter I received information on sign in details to there site (as they wouldn't give information over the phone as I wouldn't give them my address) so when I looked (signed in but nothing more than my email address). It was in fact and old student reference. (I don't have any paperwork on these old loans therefore I couldn't cross reference it ). 

I had been deferring from 99 till 2012 I think, as the salary cap was pretty high back then and I was always just under it. I had unfortunately gotten into a mess with debt circa 2010 and I had to enter into a trust deed (Scottish equiv to IVA) but thought this encapsulated student debt (which I later found out it didn't). So between that deferring circa 2011-2012 until 2018 (when this said company contacted me) I hadn't  made any contact with anyone. I think I paid one monthly payment in the entirety of these loans (possibly 2008-2010 unsure of date) as I was a week or 2 late in sending in my deferrment info. 

Now the questions. 
* Where do I stand on this, should I just keep ignoring this ( I am now receiving  periodic account statements). 
*will they just eventually CCJ me. 
 *Im sure they have been adding interest (can they do this ,isn't it suppose to coincide with the actual interest of the original loan). 
* should I ask for the original student load credit agreement 
*As they are only asking about one loan  have the other 2 become statute I know there are diff rules pre 99.  
* how will this effect my credit file ( has it already). 
*Ive heard if I contact them about a settlement payment (possibly ask for the same original settlement they offered me it was around the 50% mark) if they agree then this gets marked on my file as settled but is still a problem. Could I ask it to be settled (but marked on my file as paid in full). Im just thinking as the debt is so old they would accept this.

*if they don't want a settlement where do I stand.

Apologise as this was pretty long. I was trying to think of every piece of info I could,  so that anyone with sound advice had the full picture. 

I am currently unemployed. (But could possibly get helped in getting together some % of the settlement, if that is the a venue I decide to go down ).

Many thanks in advance for any help given. 


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    If you were deferring until 2018 why did you not do the same for 2019?  Was it due to you not realising this company had bought student loans?  
    Paid off the last of my unsecured debts in 2016. Then saved up and bought a property. Current aim is to pay off my mortgage as early as possible. Currently over paying every month. Mortgage due to be paid off in 2036 hoping to get it paid off much earlier. Set up my own bespoke spreadsheet to manage my money.
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