SDI Poladay teeth whitening

Hello hello to all.
Poladay teeth whitening gel is much cheaper online than direct from dentists. My dentist has instructed me to not trust any online sellers! But has anyone found a reputable seller other than their dentist? 


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    It is utterly illegal to sell any peroxide whitening gels other than from anyone other than a dentist who has seen you, examined you and prescribed tooth whitening. 
    This applies in the U.K., EU, Australia , NZ etc so any on line sellers know they are breaking the law because there is no legitimate way of selling these gels direct to the public in these parts of the world. For this reason there is a high risk that the gels may well  be counterfeit with all the risks that carries. 
    Would you willingly put something inside one of the most sensitive parts of your body that has been illegally supplied by an unknown party willingly breaking the law? 
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    first three companies I Found on Google are based in Channel islands, Hong Kong and USA.
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