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Good morning all

I have recently moved to a new address which is a new build property. I have had no problems locating the address on any systems when changing address apart from Sky and Papa Johns when ordering a Pizza. All my Amazon deliveries are coming via Royal Mail which is causing problems as if no one is in to accept and/or my neighbours are not about it means I have to travel to collect my parcels. 

I was speaking to my neighbour (it appears her house may have been finished some time before ours - although she is literally the next number down) and she mentioned that her Amazon parcels are delivered by Amazon couriers and not Royal Mail.

Does anyone know of a way I could get my address updated on Amazon or any tips I can use to get them actually delivered by Amazon couriers which arrive at a better time and are more likely to leave in my garden should I be at work? 


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    Does your address appear on the RM database and is the neighbour's address there and is it the same post code and format ?  I can't believe that Amazon deliveries would be set by anything other than post code.  Are you a Prime member ? Have you set a safe place on your Amazon account ?  Maybe give Amazon a call and hopefully get a UK call centre to speak to.
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    Thank you, yes it shows on both theirs and mine are the same
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    Are the items your buying all 'fufilled by amazon'? If you're buying on amazon from a seller who posts themselves, then you can't expect an amazon courier to deliver them.

    In the meantime while you sort this, are you able to speak to your postie and ask them to leave parcels with your neighbour/in a safe place? As soon as I moved in my postie asked if that was OK, as I think returning them is hassle for them too! 
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    The choice of courier by Amazon depends on all sorts of things. Do you have Prime, how quickly did you specify you wanted it, is it coming from Amazon (not a marketplace seller), what size is the item?
    You can't control which delivery service Amazon chooses to use.
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