Totally passive way of earning some money on a PC?

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Apart from autosurfers, such as ebesucher, which is really rubbish as it takes months just to get a few pennies, are there any totally passive sites and/or applications that work on the PC (not Android or Iphone)? I have an old PC sitting idle and I pay no electrics or Internet, and I need a way to monetise it totally passively without any interaction for at least 8-10 hours a day.



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    You could probably do some cryptocurrency mining depending on how powerful your PC \ GPU is, although the person paying the electricity bill if not yourself might have something to say about that!
  • Thanks but no thanks, crypto is not my thing. Yes, the landlord is already p****d off with housemates who are abusing the network with some sort of mining. I was looking for something less invasive. Ebesucher would be ideal if there were more traffic. It just sits idle most of the time.
  • LiamoacLiamoac Forumite
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    Mining is really the only thing mate though it should use up much bandwidth. It's really all electricity its using. 
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    Mining is free apart from electricity cost.

    Lots of ways to mine for free and get a bonus if you get referred.

    Stormgain is my favourite, bonus for being referred, within a couple of days you will have enough crypto to actively trade.

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    Some free mining things are spammy or infected with malware, so be careful. 
  • dcfc67dcfc67 Forumite
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    Only use verified App's 
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