My bank have accepted liability

I sent this email to my bank the details of the complaint are below they called me and accepted liability and will contact me with a compensation offer, my question is what is a good offer? 

Regarding my complaint (reference above ) I notify you have until Saturday the 16th March in writing to get back to me with your solution and compensation offer to myself. If I do not hear from yourself by the date stated above you will leave me no option but to contact the Financial Ombudsman. (8weeks  from 1st logging complaint) 

To clarify my complaint in short. You refused twice a direct debit due to my car insurance company when there was indeed sufficient funds available . My account was indeed busy however this was the month of December (Christmas) so of course it would be. I have my full statements in which I can prove sufficient funds and also your 2 letters explaining the refusal (false refusal) I contacted yourself in which you explained ———(car insurance company in question ) had not applied for a direct debit since November , this would be false information on your part as it was not the case I have a written statement from car insurance company  and proof they did. On the contrary I also have proof from yourself this was not the case. They cancelled my policy and I was driving for 2 weeks unbeknown I had no insurance (I am a carer ) this could of cost me my job and points on my licence as well as a hefty fine had I been stopped by authorities. 

If an insurance gets cancelled they request full payment (yearly payment) which I could not afford. (£600) As a result of this I tried another insurance company from compare the market my cheapest was £22 more a month than what I was paying! 

Ultimately I have since sold the car as I cannot afford to run it (pay my insurance) this has caused a great deal of distress , anxiety, humiliation and extreme pressure on my family and working life , I have had to start work later and leave earlier which has resulted in myself loosing hours and therefore not getting paid for this . I juggle school run and work by foot this is caused by yourself ————(bank)  . 
Not to mention my credit report in which this will show up no doubt as 2 missed payments and cancelled insurance. 
You then had the cheek to try and charge me for the payments not going through - which I have since been refunded but also have proof of this in writing from yourselfs. 

I ask you to take all of the above into consideration when processing your answer to myself and take the above into consideration when offering me compensation for this terrible time I have had to endure not to mention the nearly 8 weeks of awaiting your response and having to send this email to prompt you. 

I have everything ready for the ombudsman and believe it will indeed go in my favour. 

Complaint raised with you on 16/01/2021


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