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Running armband

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I have an old I phone 5s. I bought a cheap armband of Ebay but it not very good. The Velcro isn't very strong so the strap keeps detaching and you have to stop to adjust it. I looked at running belts but I use wired headphones and the cable isn't that long. Any recommendations.
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  • littlegreenparrotlittlegreenparrot Forumite
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    I never found an armband that suited me. They were either to lose and irritating, or so tight they gave me pins and needles. 

    I have been known to stick the phone down my sports bra  :D 
    But your best option is probably bluetooth headphones/ or some with a longer wire and a belt. 

    Or I have seen chest harness contraptions that hold the phone on the front of your chest. 

  • tafelmoneysavertafelmoneysaver Forumite
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    I switched to a running belt and bluetooth headphones. I wouldn't go back to an armband and wired :smile:
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  • grahamgoograhamgoo Forumite
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    ✭✭ for the chest harness thing
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    MACKEM99MACKEM99 Forumite
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    Dont you find it a bit dangerous running with headphones in.  I run a lot and when I approach people from behind shout "excuse me" as I approach them so as not to scare them when I go past.  I have lost count of the number of times people do not hear me because of wearing earphones.  Would it not be better not to wear them so that you can hear warnings from other runners or bikes or even vehicles?
  • Zinger549Zinger549 Forumite
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    No not really. I often run through the park/forest and the large grassland area nearby. Lots of space and easy to avoid people. When I'm on the pavement I make sure there is space to get past others and sometimes nip into the road if it's safe.  Not on the main/busy roads obviously. Lots of people I see out running wear headphones.
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