Virgin balloon flights refund

I'm not sure if I've picked the right category, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience getting a refund from Virgin Balloon Flights.

I've had tickets for 2.5 years, and booked many times (8+), and they never seem to materialise. I've requested a refund and they say the tickets are non refundable, yet they don't seem to be able to provide the service I paid for. It basically feels like I've been scammed for £300.

I would like my money back, but I'm not really sure what I can do.


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    You haven't been scammed.  Balloon flights typically take a long time to book because they're weather dependent.

    They'll provide the service you paid for as soon as you and they agree a mutually convenient date.
  • @sparelogin I know it's not actually a scam, but it certainly feels like it.

    My problem is that in the 15 times (I've now counted) I've booked, the weather is always poor. Sometimes it's not, but to them it still is. It's now 3 years. I've also looked about at reviews and in not the only one that feels this way.

    If I paid for something in any other walk of life, and the delivery date kept being pushed, of be able to request my money back. It seems that this should be the case here, but somehow it's not.
  • Keep booking and see if you can find evidence of balloon flights on the day they said they couldn't do it in the area near where it should take, that might give you more leverage. 2.5 years includes 14 months of Covid restrictions though. It's a bit late for a chargeback or S75 though so you'll have to keep plugging away or maybe try one of those consumer champions in the newspapers and see if they can get you somewhere
  • Hi @onlyjokering - I'm wondering if you got anywhere with a refund? I'm in exactly the same position. Had vouchers for 3 years and have been unable to book. We live in Scotland and have tried to get dates for 7 different locations but they always book up before we're able to book onto them (and that's including me finding out the exact time new dates are added and refreshing the page - obviously everyone does that!).
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    They won’t provide a service. You basically p*** your money up a wall with Virgin. I’m in Scotland and all our flights have been cancelled and now our vouchers have expired. What I’d like to know is - how many vouchers do they sell and how many flights actually take off? Virgin customer service keep saying the same thing ‘voucher expired’ but will extend it for £80 per person! Big fat No! 
  • Sorry to be a bit late, but I would like to try to help others in this situation. 
    I've just been through the same problem. Into my 10th year and 22 cancellations. I think the trouble people have is that virgin customer services will not tell you that in order to get a refund the purchaser of the ticket has to contact them. This is who they hold the contract with. If you try as the voucher holder they will just lead you on a different path as they can not give a refund to the voucher holder. They have no obligation to them and do not have to offer anything. They are relying on you not knowing your rights. 

    If you have booked through a third party then things get tricky. You need to have booked direct through virgin

    You do have consumer rights. My observations are that with tickets of this kind both parties have an obligation. You, to try and fly by booking x amount of times and virgin has to get you flying within this time. If they don't, they have not lived up to their obligation and you can ask for a refund. My view is that you will need at least 7 cancellations.
    They will try to hide behind terms and conditions. They used "non refundable voucher" several times with me. These are not above the law, in fact "non refundable voucher" is viewed as unfair by office of fair trading 
    Please do not go quoting me, these are just my observations. If you are unhappy please, please call

    Citizens advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133

    This is a freephone number. It may take about an hour to get through, but it is less painful than booking another ticket. They will log the incident and possibly investigate through trading standards and they give very good advice. They are on your side.

    My refund is coming, but I hope I have made this easier for others
    It would be great if this helps just 1 person.
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