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Sciatica - Anyone had/have it? How do you cope?

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  • DebsFranDebsFran Forumite
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    OMG teddysmum I am so sorry to hear all that you have been through. I do hope you get your operation soon and have a speedy recovery. I hope mine is one that will cure itself as I really do not want to be going to hospital for any type of surgery whilst Covid is rife. 
  • comeandgocomeandgo Forumite
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    After many years of pain my husband is a lot better by doing yoga.  He also sleeps with a pillow between his legs.
  • DebsFranDebsFran Forumite
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    For some reason I never received any notifications to say I had replies. Hence the delayed response.

    shykins – thank you for your reply. Where did you put the Tens machine? Which would  you recommend? I have looked on amazon and there are tonnes. From what I gather the sciatic nerve starts at the base of the spine. But my pain is all down my leg.  Today has been a bad day, had to take tramadol as soon as I got up and its made me so drowsy all day. It wore off and I was starting to be more alert but pain kicked in again so had to take another one. I had thought about acupuncture, may have to look into it when lockdown is over.

    angela110660 thanks for your reply – that is very interesting, sound like your body alignment was off and the insoles corrected it.

    pickledonionspaceraider  Thanks for the reply. Love the user name lol. I will chase the the Dr for my results but its only been a week and they said 2-3 weeks. Thanks, re the advice on the pain meds. The tramadol is only taking the edge of it, or maybe its not and I just feel so stoned that I don’t feel the pain lol. Video call physio was of no use to me. I am exercising at home and I will definitely add in some yoga.


    SadieO thanks for your reply. Definitely going to look at different pain relief and also look at getting a TENS machine, just so many to choose from on Amazon. Will do some research.

    unforeseen Thanks for your reply, sorry to hear you are suffering too and its affecting your sleep. Mine kept me awake at the start. But now it doesn’t affect me at bedtime, it saves it up for 1st thing in the morning ☹

    Sky_ Thanks for your reply and thanks for the link. Will check it out.

    comeandgo Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear your husband has had it years but pleased to hear he has found some relief from yoga and the pillow. I will definitely try both.


  • gozaimasugozaimasu Forumite
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    I have slipped lumber discs and I'm waiting to become paralysed so that I can become a paralympian.
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  • shykinsshykins Forumite
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    my Tens has 4 pads and has different programs,  its a Pro-tens if that helps     found this one looks very similar,  mine was in excess of £50 a few years ago!! 
     I usually place the pads similar to the picture on this website and use in burst mode rather than continuous ,  generally they say put a pad either end of the pain so you may have to move the leg ones a bit but the back ones are usually about right    tho many say only use for 15mins i use mine far longer with no ill effects.     
    acupuncture has helped the most (i have damaged discs and fibro as well).   i couldnt walk at all when i first went and within a few treatments I was able to walk out of the clinic.   i have electro - acupuncture as well which turns down the pain levels.    cant wait for them to re-open again as my pain levels are creeping up!!!   

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  • DerektheDonkeyDerektheDonkey Forumite
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    Many years ago I has sciatica so bad that when I used to stand against the barrier at a football match I'd chew my thumb nails completely off by way of diversion. No joke! However I'd not advise it.
    The only thing that worked for me prior the operation was prescribed Amitrypline, it blocked the pain signal to the brain I understand.
    Good luck, it is not pleasant at all.  
  • KatiehoundKatiehound Forumite
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    At the risk of being shot down! Perhaps think about consulting an osteopath. Mine has been working since July with all the anti Covid measures in place.
    I had a suspected slipped disc many many years ago- which resulted in sciatica & a dead foot. She was my last ditch attempt (after all the usual medical hoops) and she got me walking.
    By the time I got to the consultant it was virtually cured- he commented whatever treatment I had had had solved it. (And no, it most certainly wouldn't have gone away on it's own- in those days lying down was the 'cure!') These days it is gentle stretching.
    I hope that you get it sorted and soon.
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  • JGB1955JGB1955 Forumite
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    The solution that has worked for me is application of ice packs, stretches and a series of visits to the chiropractor. 
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  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    I was given exercises by the physio which did hep. They were painful to do but I discovered I had to break the pain barrier to get any improvement.
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    DebsFranDebsFran Forumite
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    Thanks Katiehound  I will definitely put that on my list of things to try. I am just waiting to see what comes back from my MRI

    Thanks JGB1955 - gooing to ask a daft question now, where did you apply the ice packs? My pain is all down my leg, but from what I understand it starts at the sciatic nerve which is in the back

    Thanks DerektheDonkey - yeah I think I will definitely give the thumb nail chewing a miss lol .I am on Amitriptyline for insomnia and was told I can take that for the pain. I haven't though as I use it at night to help me sleep. I don't want to be sleeping during the day. However I have been given Tramadol and omg, took 2 over 8 hrs yesterday, no pain but I walked round like a zombie all day.

    Thanks shykins only just seen your message. I ordered a TENS machine last night, delivery tomorrow. Great reviews on it to hopefully its a good one. I have put acupuncture on my list of things to try as I have had it in the past and it has worked 
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