HELP....crazy gas bill advice

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  • tim_ptim_p Forumite
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    Those 50 m3 in a week is surely only around 550 kWh, at say, 3p /kWh is around (give or take, + VAT etc) £16.50  Doesn’t seem unreasonable at all. 
    Do you have the meter readings from when you moved in??
  • Gerry1Gerry1 Forumite
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    The consumption is fine considering that it's winter and been been a bit cold.
    However, the OP hasn't mentioned anything about the pence/kWh and standing charge rates.  Those are probably doing the damage, not the usage.
  • brewerdavebrewerdave Forumite
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    I used 8.7 cu m per day in Feb. on average !! It was a cold month !!
  • welshmoneyloverwelshmoneylover Forumite
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    Your usage looks fine , not sure why you are concerned about the meter being faulty?
    Be happy, it's the greatest wealth :)
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    Doesn’t seem an extraordinarily high usage in winter and you did have a very old boiler before that was uneconomical.
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    ShedmanShedman Forumite
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    You mentioned that you had the boiler replaced ...presumably the new one is a condensing boiler whereas the old one was probably a non-condensing one.  Are you sure it's been set up to run at it's most efficient?  Condensing boilers need the returning water temp to be much lower than non condensers otherwise they do not operate in the mode to recover heat.  A possibility is that the boiler temp is set too high..certainly worth a check and/or enquiry to your installer.

    edit: corrected to state "otherwise they do not operate in the mode". Thanks Gerry for pointing it out
  • TallerdaveTallerdave Forumite
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    Consumption looks OK, you're probably just paying too much.  We've just come to the end of a 12 month fix with Gulf - annual consumption 42,000kWh, £90 a month and still a few quid in credit.  The year ahead (with Zog) is going to be £110 a month as prices have gone up.
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