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Chargeback v Section 75

in Credit cards
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Long story short.
I bought a Hot foil stamping machine off Alibaba and used a Visa card to pay for it.
The machine turned up and was really badly damaged. It looked like it had jumped out of it's 'crate'. The electronics box was badly squashed and this is towards the top of the machine, so at some point a 350kg machine had been tipped upside down. It wasn't secured down to it's pallet and the sides and top were 4mm ply with no packaging or other protection. It was completely unacceptable for the weight of machine.  No labels, no 'top and bottom' signs, no weight on the crate nothing.
The manufacturer has refused my request for a new machine insisting on sending me all new electronics which I'll have to find an expert to install. I've demanded a new machine plus a grand to cover the customs tax when it arrives but he's refused.
Q: What's the chances of Visa obtaining a chargeback off Alibaba or the manufacturer ? 
Q: And is Section 75 a global law or does that just apply in the Uk ?
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    S75 is worldwide but as this is almost certainly a B2B transaction you are bound by the contract with Alibaba. However even as a consumer you are still bound by the laws of the country you bought from which is China so even if you claim to be a consumer it won't help you.

    Making a complaint to Alibaba may be more useful to you as they are actually pretty good at resolving complaints.
    Once you exhaust all possibilities with Alibaba then get the CC involved. They however have the same rights as the sellers country of origin so it may or may not work.

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    Well a chargeback would require the item to be sent back. And it goes against the debit on your card. NOT who you want.
    How was your account debited? As they could make of break S75
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