Removed credit card association with Paypal but they still took the payment

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    When you pay for something via Paypal the payment is authorised by you signing in with your password (or fingerprint on the app) - thus the fraudster would have needed to have known the paypal password to make the purchase.
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    But the buyer did not pay for the gift card. Kinguin charged for it through my paypal account.
    This is what happened.
    Someone called 
    Lilly J Peters
    21 Witney Way
    KNAPP, TA3 8TD
    Signed me up for a Kinguin account using my email address and purchased a 25 dollar gift card.
    I got emails from Kinguin asking me to verify the account and to confirm the payment.
    I at first thought the emails were spam then I got an email from paypal about the payment for the gift card.
    I signed on to my paypal account and the charge was in my account so I disputed the charge and also contacted Kinguin that the account had been set up fraudulently.
    Kinguin then said that the gift card was cancelled because I hadn't replied confirming the purchase.
    Paypal however said that the charge was valid so I phoned them up and explained everything to them but they then emailed me and said the charge was still valid.
    So I removed my bank details from paypal and also removed my credit card details and said that I would pay any bills manually by bank transfer.
    Next day I got an email from paypal that my bank had refused a charge so they had charged my credit card, which I had removed as a payment method from paypal.
    OK the title of my post is wrong it should have read removed credit card payment method with paypal not that I cancelled the credit card.
    I then phoned paypal but they wouldn't speak to me about the charge as the automatic voice wouldn't give me any options other than they had  closed the case and to hang up..
    I never got to speak to a real person all I got was the case is closed 
    I sent paypal a message through my account, they don't seem to have a working email address, and have been ignored.
    Kinguin have also stopped responding.
    I have disputed the charge with my credit card provider but have heard nothing yet, how long do they take to reply?

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    that is not how paypal works. when lily j peters ordered the gift card she would have selected paypal as a payment option and then would have been taken to the paypal sign in screen to authorise the payment and would there have been asked for the paypal password.
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    Strange, after my postings on these forums I suddenly get my money back.

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