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So I've taken the plunge and gone clipless, nice looking shoes, as spring seems a way off , I decided to get some overshoes.
I got some RR500 from Decathalon, they fit over the shoes snug enough, the problem is trying to zip them up! (I already have chicken legs) but the neoprene stuff doesn't seem to stretch (I can't even get my clenched fist through the neck of the bootee when zipped up).
Any suggestions on waterproof overshoes at a £25 or less price? That can fit and not a struggle to put on.


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    I have some  NorthWave H20 winter ones (reflective) which were £15 from Wiggle. Fit fine and have a bit of stretch. I did have some neoprene Castelli ones but I found they ripped quite quickly when trying to get them on

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    I ordered these recently. No complaints so far in regards to keeping your feet dry & easy to get on.

    With any overshoes you have to maintain the zip, clean it & I drop a bit of lube on them from time to time. Muck & grit off the road gets in and makes them stiff over time.
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