covid-19 has helped me.

where to start, well for the last 19 years, i have allways been ovendrawn.i get payed, which cleaned my overdraft,each month. but within a week or 2 i would be £1000 over, or more.
and its been like that for years. well untill jan 2020. as i am not buying stuff,food only.( hoildays,music festival tic's, not bought last year or this year.) at the end of jan, i had cash left over, about £500.i get payed and woo hoo i am £2000 in the black.this drops as bills go out,all bills go between the 27th/5th of each month.
end of feb was better. the supplus was more about £ payed £2,500 in the black.
feb 2021.all well i should be £2,300 in the black.i get payed that should take me to about £4000.I now do not have to wrorrie so much.

i have no plans for this buy the end of the year i hope to be £10,000 plus.



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