MSE Poll: Will you spend on Valentine's? If so, how much?

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Poll started 9 February 2021

Valentine's Day is on Sunday and while some love the romance, others see it as an over-commercialised day with added pressure to spend. And, of course, this year the coronavirus pandemic means Valentine's could be very different for many. Whether you're having a special dinner in, a video-call date or ignoring the day altogether, we want to know how much you're planning to spend.

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  • 203846930203846930 Forumite
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    Nothing – I've no one to celebrate with

    Maybe we should all get together on a Zoom chat ;)
  • Neil49Neil49 Forumite
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    Morrisons Valentines meal deal - £15 for the two of us. No expense spared! 
  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    I spent £2.50 on a card and chocolates. OH spent £10 on a bunch of roses. We will pick something from the freezer for our meal and a film from Netflix.
  • MissNinjaMissNinja Forumite
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    I paid for the tesco meal, part of it paid with a coupon, and a card for my partner. He got me a few things (card + flowers + chocolate). We're probably both around the 15£ mark, if that!
  • annabanana82annabanana82 Forumite
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    I recently spent £200 on a bottle of a perfume for myself only for my Husband to tell me the day after he had been planning to buy it for me for Valentine's day so I saved him some money....
    But we very rarely mark the day so usual spend is zero
  • vacheronvacheron Forumite
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    We don't normally spend on Valentines, but I did spend £400 on an iPhone SE for her as a random surprise as her old iPhone 7's well worn battery started packing in in the recent cold weather.

    However, turns out it arrived on Saturday when she was out, so I kept it one day and gave it as a surprise valentines present instead which earned me FAR more brownie points. :-P

    She's now given me her old iPhone 7 back to trade in, so that is a nice reciprocal £85 gift from her to me. :smile:
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    • The poor only have expenses.
    • The middle class buy liabilities they think are assets.
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