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The wife has been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and has regular DXA scans and an infusion. She finds swallowing pills difficult so was on a liquid Calcium / Magnesium D2 Citrate medicine by a US company called Bluebonnet she could only obtain from the Netherlands. Brexit seems to have scuppered that option as they are currently not delivering to UK. She found the original  source in USA but again, there seems to be delivery issues. Does anybody know a supplier or a UK alternative?


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    But the prescription calcium/vit D you chew them and do not sallow whole.   I have to take them twice a day.
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    If she is looking for some good support, I can recommend a site on facebook Osteoporosis UK only
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    I saw ,on Instagram a different approach to swallowing tablets.  The old way of tablet in mouth , a swig of water then lift your chin upwards has been improved with dropping your chin down. This opens the throat and the tablets swish down with water. As you can tell with my terminology : swig ; swish I am not medically trained but it works for me taking my iron tabs.
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    Try vitamin C powder, some people say that osteoporosis is scurvy of the bones. 
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    My dad had chewable tablets for this that he'd take twice a day. Have you spoken to your doctor to see what alternatives are available?
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    I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis 9 years ago and all I've ever taken is chewable adcal tablets that I get on prescription

    Couldn't your wife just chew them and then take a drink of water
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