5 Years Free

Im a bit of a fraud, I have debt in the form of a 127K mortgage but none other.
My marriage is over, and I have nothing but I have a plan.
Background for context
We did everything the wrong way round like many couples nowadays moved in together, children, marriage then purchased a house. Its not been a been a bad life we are not big earners but we always managed, DH is a good man a fantastic father and a lousy husband, he's always struggled with money and I have always been cautious, he lives for the now and I plan for the future, we muddled along for years with me trying to out save his spending, im 46 now and tired I can no longer do it.
So once again I found out he built up a load of debt and once again I used everything we have managed to save  to clear it, to stay on this path means im always going to have to work, and end up hating him for it, so I want out now while he's still my best friend and we can salvage our friendship.
Kids have grown and flown the nest so we decided on a 50/50 split of all our household bills, I have taken all the direct debits and we are shutting down the joint account and he will pay me a set amount each month, Ive moved into the spare bedroom as we are tied into mortgage for two more years, hopefully we can make this work for both of us as really I need 5 years to be into a position to be able to get a mortgage on my own.
WAGES £1,200 month on average 
Mortgage     314.00
Household   235.00
car               140.00
my cost        256.00
sink fund       50.00
savings          205.00    total 1,200
I have a little wriggle room as ive rounded up my bills and down my wages but will have to find a second job as i need to be saving 8K a year to get out on my own so 5.5k short I dont have anyone to talk to in RL so will use here to chart my progress and failures and hopefully keep my sanity. 

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