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In 2005 I took out phone insurance through Car phone warehouse as advised , on the purchase of my new phone contract. When my contract expired 2 years later, I thought my insurance had also stopped. Wrong ! It has been active till this week when I unravelled the mystery letters/payments. True I saw a payment going out of my account but thought it was for my credit card accident insurance, never occurred it may be this long standing phone insurance. I have been told that the insurance was not linked to my contract as I believed,  but was rolling on monthly. What do you members think, do I have a case for mis selling?


  • No, you don't have a case for misselling.  You made an assumption that turned out to be incorrect.  It happens.

    You could ask the insurance co if they'd agree to refund you some of the payments as a gesture of goodwill but be prepared for them to say no.
  • Mis-selling requires someone to have done something wrong in the sales process - here it appears you wrongly assumed the payment was something else and ignored if for 13 years. More fool you. They might give you something back if you ask nicely and explain the situation properly, if you fail the attitude test and go all Karen on them, expect them to tell you politely to get stuffed.
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    puffty said:
    What do you members think, do I have a case for mis selling?
    Why not explain why you think its miss-selling first? At present all you've said is you bought a renewing policy and through your own fault you forgot to cancel it so its just kept doing what they said it would.
  • I'm amazed people don't check bank accounts for years and try the "mis sold" line when they realise they have paid premiums for years
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    The insurance is not connected to your mobile contract in any way. It's contracted with a separate company, and fronted by your mobile services provider (CPW), who receive a commission on the premiums. That's why it's a separate payment, to a separate company, who have no idea how long your contract lasts.
    Establishing what your DD and CPA outgoing payments are actually going to is your sole responsibility. How you make the jump to 'mis-selling' from there is beyond me.
    You can ask (very nicely) for a refund on a goodwill basis, but prepare to be disappointed.
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